About Us


Hello and a warm welcome to our online store

We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. As an independant UK based company with over 35 years of experience in the fine jewellery industry, it brings us great pleasure to cater for the wonderfully diverse range of customers who have a shared passion for jewellery. Our dedicated team of consultants are very friendly, knowledgeable and professional, and are always at hand for any advice and support that you may require.



Representative of our traditions and experience from humble beginnings to the present time, our values which also form the pillars to our success are:

COMMITMENT - A strong work ethic, passion and dedication to our craft

ENJOYMENT - Family orientated team spirit promoting creativity and fun

INTEGRITY - Upholding trust, respect and quality standards par excellence

SERVICE - To humbly provide and assist our valued customers with unrivalled support and to supply the highest quality products




From timesless romantic classics, to the nostalgic retro or today's contemporary chic such are the many styles which express individuality. With this in mind we believe that more than a statement of beauty and glamour, jewellery evokes emotional feelings in capturing lifes' poignant moments that are personal to each of us which are celebrated and thus cherished forever. This is the essence of jewellery.